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The Velvet Underground - Collected (180g PINK Vinyl 2LP Record from Music On Vinyl)

  • The Velvet Underground - Collected (180g PINK Vinyl 2LP Record from Music On Vinyl) Front
  • The Velvet Underground - Collected (180g PINK Vinyl 2LP Record from Music On Vinyl) Back

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Product Description

Notes from Music On Vinyl:

"An album by The Velvet Underground needs to be in the collection of every legitimate music lover. Those who do not yet have an album from this legendary group can now fill this gap by purchasing the new Collected.

The band, with artistic exponents of text and music writers Lou Reed and John Cale, influenced generations of rock musicians and groups. Certainly, in the 70s and early 80s the cult status of this group, briefly managed by Andy Warhol, reached extraordinary proportions. The Velvet Underground was already a real punk band ten years before the rise of this music genre. This was reflected in their lifestyle, drug use and "attitude". Musically, however, you can hardly compare them with punk music. With songs like "Heroin", "I'm Waiting For The Man" and "White Light / White Heat", they released a new definition of rock and roll.

The Collected compilation consists of 2LP's with a total of 23 songs. One of the above-mentioned classics is "I'm Waiting For The Man", in which the protagonist's addiction forces him to wait for his dealer with his twenty-six dollars in hand, a number that expresses an addict in an unprecedented direct and realistic way. The chaotic and sometimes atonal music confirm the grim narrative. In addition, we will find "What Goes On", "Pale Blue Eyes", "Venus In Furs" and many more songs from the pivotal band.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • High quality PVC Protective Sleeve
  • 4 page booklet with liner notes and photos
  • Experimental art/rock group from New York, tracks selection include "I'm Waiting For The Man", "Venus In Furs", "Heroin" and more classics
  • Limited pressing of 3.000 individually numbered copies on 'Pink Peeled Banana Vinyl'

Part of the Music On Vinyl Collected Series.

Special Note: This product comes with a rigid PVC jacket for the record & jacket to slide into. Because of the material used, these PVC jackets are very fragile and frequently split on one of more of the seams, or have bent back flaps, or cracked corners. Because this is the way they come from the record label and we cannot prevent it, we cannot guarantee that the copy you receive will not have some of the same flaws in the outer PVC sleeve. Many customers do not use these sleeves anyway, as they don't match other records on the shelf, and we always include a standard poly outer sleeve you can use instead.

Track Listing

A1 I'm Waiting For The Man
A2 Venus In Furs
A3 All Tomorrow's Parties
A4 There She Goes Again
A5 Heroin
A6 Femme Fatale

B1 I Heard Her Call My Name
B2 White Light/White Heat
B3 Here She Comes Now
B4 Sister Ray

C1 Hey Mr. Rain
C2 Stephanie Says
C3 She's My Best Friend
C4 Andy's Chest
C5 Candy Says
C6 What Goes On
C7 Some Kinda Love
C8 Lisa Says

D1 Pale Blue Eyes
D2 The Murder Mystery
D3 We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
D4 Foggy Notion
D5 One Of These Days

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Pink Marble
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